The ability to speak publicly effectively can make a big difference to your life. It opens up all sorts of career opportunities and makes it easier to communicate the messages that are important to you.

Although it’s an important skill, public speaking is also one of the most daunting types of communication. Many of us have a lifelong fear of this practice that gets in the way of us progressing in our career, or trying activities we would enjoy, like performing on stage or sharing our ideas with others.

Public speaking allows us to make important connections with other people, influence decisions and help to motivate others. No matter if you suffer from anxiety, are conscious of your accent or simply feel you don’t speak effectively, our voice and communication skills coach can help.

Anthony Shuster offers bespoke one-to-one coaching for anyone who needs public speaking training or accent reduction.

With his public speaking training, you can speak confidently in front of an audience in a range of situations. Highly qualified, he read English at Oxford university where he specialised in linguistics and has worked extensively as an actor, so knows what it’s like to perform publicly.

Anthony has worked with many well known organisations and offers both bespoke training and workshops in London. He can also work with you online over Zoom or Skype.

Find out more about our public speaking training in London or don’t hesitate to contact Anthony for more information.

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